1. To access the COMMUNITY, tap the People icon.

2. CREATE A NEW POST - Tap in this box to open the NEW POST screen. From here you can:

  • Write your Post
  • Add a Photo
  • Create a BEFORE & AFTER Photo

3. FILTERS - are a way of narrowing down the posts you’re seeing.

  • HOME - Displays all posts in order of the last post/comment or reply. 
  • USERS LIKE ME - Shows posts from users with a similar profile (age/weight/interest)
  • MY POSTS - Will display any posts that you have created/replied to.
  • FAVS - Will display any posts that you have ♥︎ favorited.

4. FILTERS (a second option)

5. PINNED POSTS - These posts contain answers to the most commonly asked questions from our Support Center.

6. CATEGORIES - Use these common #hashtags to mark your post for easy searching.

7. EDITING A POST - Tap the [...] on any post you have created and want to edit. Make any changes, including to the original image, and UPDA TE.

  • DELETE A POST - This action cannot be undone so be sure before you delete.

8. REPORT A BUSE - Tap the [...] on any comment to report it to Support. Be sure to only report comments that you think are truly abusive.

9. LIKE - To like a post.

10. COMMENT - To make a comment on a post.

11. SHARE - To share a post.