iTrackBites presents results in one unified search. When you search for a food item, you will see RECENT results from your own personal food entries that you have created/edited/favorited, then from the POCKET GUIDE, then the USDA guide and finally the ONLINE SEARCH.

Start a food search by tapping the + sign by any meal marker on your Dashboard screen or going to the big green (+) button and going to FOOD.

Search for any food item in the bar at the top and it will bring up results from your Recent Foods, followed by POCKET GUIDE, followed by USDA and finally ONLINE listings depending on what is available. MAKE SURE YOU ARE ON THE RESULTS TAB unless you specifically want something out of your own listings in MY FOOD or FAVORITES.

This search can be sensitive to misspellings, spacing and punctuation.

For example - Oscar M(A)yer and Oscar M(E)yer will bring up different results. The correct spelling is Mayer - this brings up both USDA listings and Online results. You could just type Oscar and go through the list if you weren’t sure or look it up online.

Having trouble - try making the search more generic. Instead of looking for Dairy Pure 2% Milk - just try 2% Milk - although the search is pretty good at making generalizations.


The POCKET GUIDE is a simple guide which is specific to your plan and contains all the [0] BITE foods. These results are the quickest and easiest results to use for fruit, vegetables, non branded foods like meat and dairy and alcohol.

The USDA (United States Dept of Agriculture) database is a great resource for meat or other agricultural foods with USDA data, some branded foods, some restaurant items and a much more well rounded selection of items than the basic pocket guide.

ALL items in USDA and ONLINE Search will show with BITES because they are

calculated from nutritional info and not what weight loss programs deem as free.

ONLINE searches multiple available databases online and provides you with pre-calculated information.

ONLINE SEARCH is exclusive to PRO subscribers.