This allows you to show a second tracking line on your Dashboard - either displaying Calories or MACROS. You can even use this to track for low carb or KETO if you want although it is very difficult to stay within your daily BITES requirements when you increase fat levels on those programs so do one or the other.

You can chose to display either CALORIES or MACROS on your dashboard


iTrackBites automatically calculates your daily calorie rate based on your profile information. This is the number of calories you would need to maintain according to your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). For weight loss, this number is adjusted by subtracting 500 - 750 calories while nursing moms will add 450 - 500 calories a day. 

So how do you know what to use? Start with this calculator. 

You can then choose your calorie target. Many people take an average of the two lose weight numbers. Keep in mind that if you restrict your calories too much - all you will do is slow your metabolism which could slow down your weight loss.

Once you know your calorie goal - go into SECONDARY METRIC and choose CALORIES

  • Then go back into the WEIGHT LOSS PLAN screen.
  • Turn on the MANUAL ALLOWANCES tab. 
  • Click into the CALORIE ALLOWANCE box and fill in the number of calories you decided on from the calculator above.
  • SAVE (top right)


Simply put, MACROS are proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Some people want to be sure they are keeping these in balance and others are intentionally trying to restrict carbohydrates for Low Carb or KETO plans. 

  • if you want to do KETO - see notes below

You set up the tracking the same in each case.

NOTE: While you can track both BITES and KETO, it is very difficult to find a balance as BITES programs are not designed with a high fat focus in mind. If using the app to track for KETO - it is recommended to generally ignore your daily BITES range.

Once you know your macro goals - go into SECONDARY METRIC and choose MACROS

  • Then go back into the WEIGHT LOSS PLAN screen.
  • Turn on the MANUAL ALLOWANCES tab. 
  • Change each of your goals to the closest percentage amount to match the macros calculated above. They are in 5% increments and should total 100% when completed.
  • SAVE (top right)