Keeping Keto – Focuses on appetite control

  • Based on the hugely popular ketogenic diet, this is a high-fat, very low-carb diet to shift your metabolism away from carbs and towards fat and ketones.
  • With a focus on "net-carbs", Macro allowances are set at 'Fat' = 70%, 'Net Carbs' = 5%, 'Protein' = 25%

Better Balance – Focuses on fresh clean eating

  • Is the newest food score system which builds on the proven Sugar Smart system, but gives you more flexibility by providing 200+ zero bite fresh fruits, vegetables and proteins, plus you can carry over up to 4 extra daily bites to use later in the week
  • Considers Calories, Sat Fat, Sugar & Protein
  • This is the old BITES Flex program

Sugar Smart – Focuses on limiting sugar

  • Are sugary treats or fast food your downfall? Need help controlling diabetes or other medical issues related to glucose/sugars?  Lean proteins are discounted in this plan while sugars and fast food are higher in bites
  • Considers Calories, Sat Fat, Sugar & Protein
  • This is the old BITES Smart program

Carb Conscious – Focuses on limiting carbs

  • Want a balanced plan with all but a few fruits and vegetables being "free"? This is the only plan to consider carbohydrates in its equation but it does not penalize you for having them
  • Considers Total Fat, Carbs, Fiber & Protein
  • This is the old BITES Plus program

Conquer Cravings – Focuses on portion control

  • Want to be accountable for everything including fruits and most vegetables? This plan is for those people who want to track everything consumed
  • Considers Calories, Total Fat & Fiber
  • This is the old BITES Classic program

Calorie Command – Focuses on accountability

  • Want to just go completely straight forward? Everything counts on calories - yes, even your lettuce and tomato! 
  • Based on good old-fashioned calorie counting
  • This is the old Calorie program


Each day you start off with a balance made up of your Daily, Weekly and Activity BITES. How you spend those BITES each day is completely up to you and will usually differ from day to day.

Let’s say you know you want to treat yourself on the weekend.

To make sure you have the BITES to do so - you could do a bit more activity each day to earn some BITES which are then deposited into your “savings” or you give up a glass of wine or a nighttime snack from your weeklies to save for your treat.

When the weekend comes, you know exactly how much you have to “spend” and you can use these guides to help you make the choice easier!